About artEoz

artEoz is a dynamic visualization software whose primary purpose is to represent the paradigms of object programming, from the variable declaration to the classical instantiation. Understanding the effect of instructions is made through the construction of a diagram of what happens in main memory.

The artEoz software was registered on 22 November 2012 with the Programs Protection Agency (APP), French agency for software protection. It is the property of the University of Lorraine.

It was designed and developed by Martine Gautier and Brigitte Wrobel-Dautcourt, associate professors at the Computer Science Department of the Faculty of Science and Technology – University of Lorraine / Loria. the web version was developped with help from Matthieu Nicolas, Télécom Nancy Engineer.


The authors wish to thank all the 2nd year undergraduate Nancy Computer Science Department students of the University of Lorraine for their participation in the project Paléo, first version of artEoz, with a special thought for Joël Legrand, precursor of the implementation of our ideas.

© Bird drawing in artEoz by Tad Carpenter, courtesy of the artist.