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First steps with artEoz

  1. Make sure the Java icon is displayed at the top left of the page.
  2. Select a code example fron the drop down menu.
  3. The right frame displays the memory diagram corresponding to the execution of all the instructions of your code.
  4. You can execute the code step-by-step, select forward  Derniere or backward Premiere arrows to more forward or backward in the Java code.
  5. Add new statements to your code: change or add assigments, add new variable declarations. Request the update of the memory scheme by clicking  on the CreerSchema button to display the result of the execution of all your code or on the button to display only the result of the first instruction.
    An error in the code will display an error message in the bottom of the interface window.
    This same window also acts as a standard output (displayed by println function).
  6. You can erase all the code for writing some new instructions  NouveauProgramme
  7. The software choose by itself the order of variable visualization. If you do not agree with this order, select the Call stack withbutton; in this case, the variables are drawn at their actual locations in the stack. All options items are consistent with the step-by-step mode.

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